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B E G I N N I  N G S

From our founder, Kyrsten:
I have been a lover of skincare products for as long as I can remember. To this day, the smell of cucumber reminds me of a face mask (with totally nasty ingredients) I used almost religiously on my face in high school.  A few years ago, I became moderately obsessed with going totally natural in every area of life. When I struggled to find natural skincare products that were actually affordable on our tight income, I resorted to making all of my family's skincare products. When my husband started law school, I saw the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for natural living with my love of skincare products. I created a line that was completely natural, handmade by yours truly, organic and for a perfect finish--made fair trade. The products nourish, pamper, and get the job done.  I took a brief break to have a few more kids but now I'm back in business, with a few partners, reopening Commonsensical Spa.


S T I C K I N G     P O I N T S

Things change. These won't.

NATURAL: We use only truly natural and beneficial ingredients in all of our products.  Nutrient rich, cold pressed vegetable and nut oils/butters, unrefined sugar, pure organic or wild crafted essential oils, and unfiltered clays & herbs that are so clean, you could probably eat them!
HANDMADE: All of our products, from start to finish are melted, whipped, mixed, infused, and handmade by a real person using non-leaching utensils and bowls. We do not use any cosmetic bases—we make it all from single, whole ingredients into a nourishing and effective treatment for your skin. Our products are made in small batches, as needed, to ensure the freshest practical pampering product!
ORGANIC: All of our ingredients are as organic or wild crafted as possible. Therefore, our products are free of pesticides and other toxins produced through conventional farming, resulting in genuinely safe beauty care products.
FAIR TRADE: Finally, and most importantly, Commonsensical Spa is committed to creating high quality skin care products that practically pamper the consumer while not taking advantage of the producer. This means every effort is made to ensure that the ingredients used are fair trade or wild crafted. The bulk supplier of most ingredients for our products come from a company that is certified Fair for Life—a higher standard than just Fair Trade Certification.
All products are handmade with love, care, and thoughtfulness in Austin, Texas.
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